How Do Wind Turbines Work in Cold Temperatures?

As wind turbines become more popular renewable energy options, some concerned parties wonder about the potential downsides. For example, research suggests wind turbines change avian migration patterns and cause fatalities as some birds collide with them.

Why Do PV Connectors Need Safer System Designs?

Photovoltaic connectors — more commonly referred to as PV connectors — link solar panels together as arrays. Panels are becoming more popular in modern society, and ensuring the associated equipment operates safely is increasingly important. That has driven improvements in PV system design, including developing rapid shutdown connectors.

How to Design and Build a Permaculture Pond on Your Property

An ideal permaculture pond design supports local biodiversity by introducing an array of aquatic species and plants. For avid gardeners, permaculture ponds also provide better water management in vegetable gardens and flower beds.

A Dash of Aluminum and Salt: Options for new EV Battery Design

The grid isn’t ideal for supporting advanced green power technologies, but sweeping legislation and national goals make conversations more urgent. Renewable energy integration could happen, but installers may find it causes the grid to overload.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions With Sustainable Cement

The built environment is expanding and degrading the global ecosystem because traditional construction materials produce surface-level and atmospheric waste. Due to this problem, environmental professionals search for sustainable alternatives to pollution-producing materials.

How Can Engineers Prevent Surface Water Flooding?

Surface water flooding prevention remains a significant concern for engineers, especially as weather events become increasingly severe and often reveal the inadequacy of the affected infrastructure.

How Can The Food And Beverage Industry Reduce Its Water Usage?

Food and beverage production and processing consume massive amounts of water — both in products and as an essential material for various cleaning, cooling, and utility purposes. As climate change and drought threaten existing water sources, businesses and consumers are paying more attention to how industry at large uses it.

The Top 10 Environmental Issues Should Make You Worry

Over the years, the environment has been changing — and not for the better. Recent events have shown the catastrophic affects humans’ influence has been having on the world. Weather disasters are more powerful and frequent than ever before and pollution rates have only been climbing.