15 Intermediate Robot Project Ideas for Students that Won’t Break the Bank

Robotics is the answer to simplifying and amplifying the student learning experience for realistic budgets. Robotics projects for experience levels exist for students to experiment in subjects inside and outside STEM.

Robots Assemble: Why Do Scientists Want to Create Self-Building Modular Robots?

Self-building modular robots could be the future of construction and national defense. While robots that assemble themselves may sound like fiction, they’re a reality now thanks to groundbreaking research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Will neuromorphic-controlled robots soon become a reality?

With today’s rapid pace of innovation, technologies considered a little more than Sci-Fi a decade ago are becoming a reality. Mind-controlled robotics is one example.

4 Reasons Why the Future of Robotics Is in Advanced Sensors and AI

Robots have come an incredibly long way in a relatively short time, largely due to developments associated with artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced sensors. Here are some eye-opening reasons why robotics’ future relies on AI and advanced sensor technology.

How Can 5G Provide a Safer Cobot Environment?

The 5G network opens exciting possibilities for creating high-tech warehouses and manufacturing plants where collaborative robots—or cobots—feature alongside other high-tech advancements like computer vision, augmented reality, and big data platforms.

How Are Smarter Robots Leading to Mass Customization in Manufacturing?

There’s an ongoing trend of many people preferring customized products to mass-produced ones. Some consumers wish to have shoes made for the precise shapes of their feet, while others want freshly produced juices with ingredients that buyers pick themselves.

How Food Processors Can Use Robots to Improve Food Quality

The food processing industry faces rising demand and a growing labor gap. Robots may be essential for processors that need to increase production while improving food quality.

Will Robots Revolutionize BIM Workflow?

Building information modeling (BIM) is one of the most disruptive technologies to reach the construction industry. In the U.S., 93 percent of BIM adopters say the technology has brought value to their operations, and most agree they haven’t unlocked its full potential yet. The robotization of BIM can help with that.