How a Bladeless Wind Turbine Works

Modern sustainability technology is not in its final form, instigating as much exhilaration as anxiety. Renewable energy, like wind turbines, must bring more to the table than simple electricity; it must change mindsets about greener living, and what it means to switch to a corporate and individual lifestyle devoid of fossil fuels.

The Gross Science Explaining Why You Should Take Your Shoes off While Indoors

Think going barefoot indoors is for the posh? Think again — wearing your outdoor shoes in the house may expose you to harmful bacteria, chemicals and allergens.

Opportunities for biotech await in the Amazon rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world. In addition to combating climate change, protecting Indigenous people and preserving areas of unparalleled natural beauty, rainforest conservation plays a crucial role in discovering new pharmaceuticals.

Crop Production Is An Art As Much As It Is a Science

While some aspects of farming have changed so much they’d be unrecognisable to our ancestors, others have remained largely the same since their inception. From the ancient practice of using waste as fertiliser to modern genetic engineering, here’s how agriculture has shaped our species.

What Made the Spitzer Space Telescope Unique?

The universe continually sends signals to Earth in the form of radiation, but the atmosphere blocks most of them. Telescopes can help researchers learn new things about the universe that were previously hidden. Some had near-infrared capabilities, but the Spitzer Space Telescope went far beyond and could see infrared radiation.

A 'Digital Twin' of Earth Will Help Guide Our Future

What if there was a ‘replica’ of the Earth? The European Union (EU) began finalizing plans for a digital Earth ‘twin’ last fall, and now, scientists are working to build it. When complete, it will guide better policies related to the climate and any possible extreme events.

U.S. Space Force will use digital engineering to design satellites

The new U.S. Space Force has plans to experiment with the use of digital workflows and engineering to design satellites and equipment. Digital engineering — which involves collaborative work across cloud environments — would be a departure from conventional military workflows and could significantly impact how contractors and researchers work.

What Does the Life Cycle of a Star Look Like?

When you look up at the night sky, you see thousands of stars. Our own sun is a yellow dwarf star in the middle of its life cycle. How did they all get there? Here’s a closer look at the life cycle of a star, and how the size and mass of one of these stellar bodies affect its existence.