What's Driving The Trucking Industry's Transition To Electric?

Diesel used to be the main fuel for the constant flow of goods across global highways. Now, although slower to make the switch, big rig operators are starting to embrace electric transportation to lower fuel costs, reduce emissions and take advantage of government EV incentives. Battery-powered fleets are already rolling out across the world.

Can Railways Benefit From Ethernet Connections?

Railway transport could use better press. There's been a medly of unexpected crashes and service disruptions, and the antiquated sector could use a technology makeover. Communications have to get faster, and updates must reach technicians and in-the-field operators without hesitation.

These Six Sustainable Adhesive Types Play a Big Role in Sustainable Packaging

As consumers become increasingly eco-conscious, companies face growing pressure to adopt sustainable practices. They’re finding alternatives to traditional products that are harmful to the environment, with adhesives being a great example. Fortunately, there are a variety of sustainable adhesives available that offer effective bonding solutions while minimizing the environmental impact.

How to Minimize the Risk of Counterfeit Components

The electronics supply chain faces several significant challenges. One of the most pressing of these is the prominence of counterfeit electronic components. Electronics is a massive and profitable industry, so it is a natural target for fraudsters trying to capitalize on that potential.

Labor Shortages and Supply Issues Still Stress Global Supply Chains

Though the World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 is no longer a health emergency, it’s still creating significant problems for all sectors. People everywhere experienced such a major upheaval that affected all areas of life.

Here’s How Supply Chain 4.0 Makes Your Organization More Efficient

There’s a growing interest in Supply Chain 4.0 technology, especially as logistics professionals cope with stock shortages, port delays, and other challenges. Advanced tech can boost productivity in warehouses and all other points of a product’s journey to its destination.

Adopting a hybrid business model in the retail industry

Hybrid business models in the retail space blend traditional, brick-andmortar operations and aspects of e-commerce, such as buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS). Stores have seen a massive increase in the number of customers using BOPIS and those making purchases from digital and physical stores.

Don’t Let Your Smart Crane Get Hacked

Safe crane operations and construction sites rely on effective smart crane cybersecurity. Cyberthreats are growing every year, and the industry must prepare defences for every device and piece of equipment. Cranes are no exception. Luckily, any team can take steps to boost their safety.

What Tech Is Making Logistics More Sustainable?

People are becoming more interested in pursuing sustainable logistics practices. Besides being good for the planet’s future, green logistics efforts can help companies keep costs down and reduce resource usage. Technology in logistics can help decision-makers meet goals. Here are some fascinating ways to depend on it.